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Reflective, daring, inspiring, and heartfelt, this compilation of twenty letters represents perspectives from first- and second-generation immigrants from Mexico, Nigeria, Nepal, Jamaica, Taiwan, and more. In their letters, contributors consider the future they want for their children, draw from their experiences, and confess their hopes for their future.


In an era of biased bans and controlled borders, when shouts of “build the wall” and “send them back” seem to have grown louder, the narratives of everyday immigrants have become more important than ever. This anthology celebrates the immigrant experience and shows how they and their children embody the American dream.


In Dreams for Our Children, you will find stories of belonging, rejection, and resilience. You will walk the journeys of first- and second-generation Americans as they make sense of their cultural identity, connect with their heritage, and pave a new path forward for themselves and future generations.


Perhaps, in this anthology, you will find you.

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