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“A Whole New World” The Paradox of Postracialism in the Media”, Third Half, Indiana University

“Can a Black woman be sex-positive? Examining audience responses to popular female artists’ music videos”, KUNZ Research Center for Family and Gender, University of Cincinnati


“Hip-Hop, Health and Girl Power” Health and Hip-Hop Summit, University of Cincinnati


“Racialized Entertainment in a “Post-Racial” World.” Department of Africana

Studies Research Colloquium, University of Cincinnati


“Identity is the message: Entertainment, the Self and Others.” Department of

Communication Research Colloquium, University of Cincinnati


 Center for Race, Gender and Social Justice’s discussion of Paul Butler’s Let’s Get

Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice. College of Law, University of Cincinnati


“The Dave Chappelle Effect:  Humor, Race, and Reception” Department of

Sociology Research Colloquium, University of Cincinnati









​"Leave Your Mark", Blue Jean Luncheon, Lambda Pi Eta

Everyone has an inherent uniqueness that someone else needs. Be comfortable with who you are and use your gifts, talents, and personhood to serve. When we know who we are, we have some sense of where we are going. When we know where we are going, we can plan and prepare. When we plan and preapre we make an impact just being who we are, and where we are.

"Search for Significance", Elementay/Middle School Poetry Workshop

This spoken word performance captures the conflict some women experience as they grapple with their worth. Our sense of worth can be defined by bad relationships or media portrayals, but our true worth is defined by our Creator and a personal choice to accept the wealth of our worth.

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