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Project | 01

Co-Edited Book | Sacred Messages in a Secular World: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Multiculturalism and the Christian Experience

In recent times there has been a push toward building multicultural churches in order to reflect a unity of faith regardless of racial difference. Cultural inclusion in the church, however, can require integrated worship styles which has implications for identity negotiations in day to day life.  Historians, musicologists, sociologists, and media studies scholars have been central in defining and describing the manner in which race and Christianity intersect and sometimes complicate the general worship experience and racial relations in the United States. This interdisciplinary book focuses on the construction, interpretation and impact of Christian messages in the form of music, film and television, and any other form of technology.

Project | 02

Book Chapter | The Paradox of Postracialism: Black Hollywood’s Voice in Post-Racial Discourse

This chapter is in a edited volume Coloblind Racism: Hollywood. Nilsen & Turner.

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